What We Do


  • To create a culture where people are more mindful of the impact of their daily lifestyle decisions on personal well-being, communities, and the planet
  • To creatively share ideas on personal, social, and environmental awareness & action through critical thinking & purposeful doing
  • To bridge like-minded individuals and build a community that magnifies and amplifies what we might otherwise do alone

We help you live a more mindful lifestyle, creative positive change and connect with our community of Cultural Creatives through:

We bring together entrepreneurs, writers, designers, psychologists, chefs, environmentalists, health practitioners, academics, and other creatives so we can learn more about living a mindful life from each other. Some of our events include:

We create content (whether in written or visual form through blog posts or illustrations) on mindfulness & conscious consumption, practices you can adopt to your daily routine, so you can make more ethical decisions for yourself everyday. We also released collaborative communication campaigns for mindful living like:


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