About us

MUNI comes from the Filipino word "muni-muni",

which means to think, ponder, muse or reflect.

MUNI was born in 2012 from reflection on the impact of our everyday choices on our own well-being, our society and the environment. We were fueled by the desire to grow a community to discuss issues and ideas with, and to draw hope from. We felt the need to share stories of individuals and organizations doing what they can, in their own capacity, and helping grow a culture of mindfulness towards a more livable world.


We are powered by a small team with big hopes, and are supported by the contributions of creatives, academics, entrepreneurs and advocates from various disciplines and backgrounds.

We aim to contribute to creating a more mindful, livable world by organizing learning and community-building events, producing original content, sharing resources on social media, and collaborating with like-minded organizations on projects that move sustainable development forward.


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What We Value


We aim to cultivate a culture of consciousness wherein people take the time to think about about the impact of the things they do.

We want to welcome people into the fold, no matter where they are in their journey towards a more mindful life.


We hope to increase the ability of those we come in contact with to find greater compassion and connection with the planet and all that live in it.


We endeavor to equip people with more reasons to care, and more motivation to act by sharing ways they can take their advocacy forward.


We create safe, supportive networks and channels to remind you that you are not alone in your pursuit of a more mindful and livable world. 

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